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Louth Minors Scouring Report: Wexford

Louth minors play Wexford Tonight 7.15pm in Bellefield, Enniscorthy

not an enviable task.

Westmeath v Wexford Minor


Here's Why......   

Wexford have two games under their belt,
a loss to Westmeath in the first round (and according to reports, should have won)
and a win over Carlow.

Where as we have one, a narrow loss to Dublin.

That will count in their favour, when it comes to nerves and intensity from the beginning.

Also, It is a well known fact, Wexford is a very tough place to go and play a game...(ask our Seniors and 2011 U21's)

It is a trip into the unknown for majority of Louth players who may have never even been to Enniscorthy nevermind play football there.

so here's a sneak preview  

Wexford v Galway - All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship Round One

 A large pitch and very, very wide, to suit the hurling within the county. 

 They'll be more familiar with it bt in the end it should suit our forwards.


Their Campaign so far.

Westmeath Team
1 D Cloake
2 D Redmond 3 Jim Rossiter 4 J Reville
5 N Rossiter 6 G Staples 7 J Mc Donald
8 J Carthy 9 N Hughes
10 B Cowman 11 E Roche 12 D Shanley
13 T smith 14 P Barden 15 C O’Rourke

Subs: T Byrne (0-1) for Carty, J Bolger (0-1) for Smith, C Farrell for Cowman.

Carlow Team
1 D Cloake
2 D Redmond 3 Jim Rossiter 4 J Reville
5 N Rossiter 6 G Staples 7 J Mc Donald
8 N Hughes, 9 T Byrne; 
B Cowman, J Carty, D Shanley; 
E Roche, P Barden, C O'Rourke. 
Subs: C Farrell for Redmond, D Barron for O'Rourke, L Murphy for N Rossiter.

Their Scorers so far 

They've scored 2-21 in total   

Westmeath 0-10

D Shanley 0-4 2 frees
P Barden 0-1 each,
J Carty 

J Bolger (0-1)
T Byrne (0-1)
N Hughes (0-1)
C O'Rourke (0-1).

Carlow 2-11

E Roche 1-2,
D Shanley 1-1 (1-0 pen, 0-1f),
T Byrne, 0-3
P Barden 0-3 ,
J Carty, 0-1f
C Farrell 0-1f


One's To Watch 

Left wing 12: Donal Shanley 

IMG_7989Waterford & District Junior League v Wexford Football League - FAI Umbro Youth Inter League Cup Final

A huge talent at either Hurling, Gaelic and Soccer...he's their main man and just so happens to be their Top scorer also. Will punish from free's also.

Full Forward: Paudie Barden

Westmeath v Wexford Minor 

Huge Target man with Skill,
Dundalk Colleges players may remember him from their Defeat to Good Counsel this year, he was midfield for them on the day.

Corner Forward:Eoin Roche

Westmeath v Wexford Minor 





Played on the Forty the first day out against Westmeath and moved into the corner for the Carlow game and scored 1-2.
Right footer. Strong physical player with a rugby background.

Centre Back:George Staples 

Westmeath v Wexford Minor

Solid, no nonsense Centre back. accomplished soccer player also.
Good Reader of the game. 

Robbie Curran or Josh Arrowsmith will have to use their mobility to their advantage against him 


MIdfielder Forty Yards:Jamie Carty

Big Powerful and direct unit either in the middle or on the forty.

 Best Of The Rest

Midfielders: Niall Hughes

Westmeath v Wexford Minor


 Tom Byrne

Form man at the moment scoring 3 against Carlow from midfield the last day out.

Corner Back's:Dillon Redmond


 Jon Reville


Corner Forward: Cormack O'Rourke


Right Half Back: Naomhan Rossiter

Westmeath v Wexford Minor



Here's How. 

1. They haven't changed their defence, and with good reason, they've only conceded 19 points in 2 games. we get over 10 points and it will go along way in getting us the win.

Exploiting their full back line will be the Key, again although i don't have a clear image, the starting full back is a large physical player and Cian Doyle should look to use his place and mobility to casue problems and create free kicks.
2. Physical side, very much so down the middle, we need to at least break even in this area. then make ups the rest with Hard work and rely on our greater skills to get us through.
3. Their Midfield can pose an attacking threat. which means Hanna and Campbell will have to be aware and not switch off.

Also their Keeper Dylan Cloke is prone to a Bad kickout also.

4. Get into the game as quick as we can. and settle. Start is crucial as always at minor level. 


We have the character required and importantly the talent to get a win down in Wexford.

Emmet Duffy and Josh Arrowsmith in from the start have improved the team from the get go and Dean Maguire can add impact again from the line.

BEst of Luck lads!


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