Saturday, 17 May 2014

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Friday, 16 May 2014

1 day to Go and Reasons to be Cheerful:

Right so from yesterday I've built them up; now, to take them down....

Here's How...

Reasons to be Cheerful

Defensive Match Ups i'd like to see.
With Mick named Midfield and Heslin named full forward, As Mick will follow him we automatically have an odd man now at the back.

That odd man is Crilly....which we want and would be to our advantage also.He has played that position the most and is the best player we have to play that sweeping/setting up the attacks role.

That leaves us with Dessie Finnegan
Dessie can play out and give us presence at 6.
I also think Dessie Dolan will start out there, he has in recent weeks played out there  challenge in matches that switch would suit would suit us and our Dessie perfectly.

Gary O'Hare on McCormack
McCormack then play inside, thats where he is most potent, a lively player but O'Hare is a cornerback by trade and there on Merit.

Jobser on Egan

Jobser is comfortable either wing or cornerback. Also he can balance between being tight enough and going forward also. This is crucial to put Egan under pressure.

The rest of the match ups are straight forward....

Pop on Glennon
Pops has picked him up before, familiar with his game and has done well on him in the past too.

Mick on Heslin
as mentioned on Wednesday whereever Heslin is Mick Goes with him either full forward or around the middle.

Reido on Martin
Similar to Pop, Reido has picked up Martin numerous times before and has done well on the fellow left footer also, has a real pace advantage also.

Reilly and PK gives us a nice centre field pairing and a perfect platform. We want Duffy on Paddy, he is not near as mobile as our man. 

While the more defensive minded Reilly is mobile enough to pick up the other debutant Connellan.

This gives the initiative and a launch pad for PK, Reido and Crilly especially to set up attack from the midfield area by running the ball.

Top assignment

PAUL SHARRY has to be STOPPED end of...

Cap locks used for extra emphasis on the importance Paul Sharry is.

Decie drops out the wing, We know.
But it is the responsiblity of Him, White and Andy to communicate as a half forward line together and not let him settle on the ball or be a Westmeath hero come Saturday night.

He is that important.

Twin Towers INSIDE
The tight Dimensions of Cusack park means only two players can operate in there anyway and what better combination of Lenno and Maguire. They've played inside numerous times and as a team we are well used to that system. Lenno should be fresh and right up to speed and speaking of speed there isn't a faster forward in Ireland than Derek Maguire!
It really gives us variety to our play,
1. we can launch quick high ball in,
2. we work it into them,
3.we use them as platform for our runners from deep.

Other Reasons to be Cheerful


Their golden boy and best player is John Heslin. Heslin's achilles heel is his temperament. We have a real chance to frustrate him so lets wind him up....either by knocking him off his game physically or mentally or both. We know he's had an injury in the build up so he's not going to be 100% so if get on top of him inside, don't give away close free's that will give him confidence early on and his shaky temperament could get the better of him.

Mullingar Factor
Home Advantage for Westmeath yeah, but all that brings really is extra pressure like I emphasised yesterday. Besides, we play better outside of Drogheda anyway!! We travelled away on our opener last year and won also.

As well as that I know I keep harping on about the tight pitch in Mullingar but it will really suit or style of play clogging up the defense, counterattack and two men inside!

Love him or loathe him as our manager, you can not take away that we are a highly professional outfit under him. Aidan brings superb organisation and discipline to our team.  and with a near full strength side(Judge) for the first time this year we will not lie down easy.


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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Operation beat Westmeath

Optimism around the county about Saturday night's game is not good so I'm going to take matters into my own hands. Over the course of the day. I'm going to give our lads a helping hand and hopefully by doing so raise morale around the county.

With three simple Steps,

1. Build up the opposition
Worryingly so, this is quite an easy thing to do...

The Spine of their team is of real quality and you can really see why they were in Division 1 this season. I'll go through it now.

Goalkeeper:Darren Quinn
Westmeath v Kerry - GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Qualifier Round 2
Solid goalkeeper, bided his time as understudy to Gary Connaughton over the years. On the small side but a superb Shot stopper and varies his kickouts too

Full Back:Kieran Gavin
Mark Donnelly with Kieran Gavin 16/3/2014

Quite simply, one of the best full backs about. He'd start in majority of teams in Ireland. Lenno is really going to be on his game to cause him problems.
Centre Back: Paul Sharry
Westmeath v Fermanagh - GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Round 1 
He's their captain and its not hard to see why. He is their leader...he drives them forward from half back and is exceptionally at soloing the ball forward on his left foot. Stop him and we have a great chance.
Midfield: David Duffy and Ray Connellan
Benny Heron and Ray Connellan 2/3/2014Cork v Westmeath - Allianz Football League Division 1 Round 1

As they say in basketball, as well as being 6foot 5 David Duffy is long or as we say in the GAA he togs out big. His presence will be felt in the air and Connellan is a ball player left footed. They make for a nice midfield partnership.

Forty:Ger Egan
Westmeath v Dublin - Allianz Football League Division 1 Round 2
Egan is a workhorse and a really good one too...he's physical and will hunt down our half backs any chance he gets. Physically imposing and good from long distance too.

Full Forward: John Heslin
John Heslin 28/4/2013
Their golden boy,although there are doubts surrounding his fitness there is no way he won't start! If we concede free's he will punish us. Classy operator.

Supporting cast is not bad either
Wing backs Dolan and Foley are very comfortable going forward especially Dolan.
Old stagers Dessie Dolan and Denis Glennon in the corners will look to give the side guidance and settle any nerves. Dessie is superb at winning free's.
Finally I think Kevin Maguire is a top corner back,I remember him in the Leinster semi in 2010, tight and pacy. 

On paper they really have a nice balanced look about their side. We've no chance in hell do we!?

2. Crank up the pressure
Well, I can say no more about the quality personell we face come Saturday night. They will enter the game as firm favorites alone because of it.

They also have played in Division 1 this season, regardless if they lost every game, they faced quality opposition week in week out. Whoever says league form goes out the window is not from Westmeath. They faced the best footballers in Ireland every week where as we got relegated to Division 3!

They are at home, tight intimidating crowd, the fact that it is on a Saturday night means the game will pick up even more partisans who fancy something to do on a Saturday night. What better than watch their home team beat Louth out the gate.



3.Wind up their fans 

We all know, the most annoying fans of our generation are One Directioners. It just so happens that a band member from One Direction hails from Mullingar. So why not annoy him, Westmeath fans and one directioners. by sabotaging One direction lyrics with the word Louth or Lu instead?
Copy the image and RT to as many of them twerps as possible!

oh me oh my and there is another one too!
the most annoying of all Westmeath People, Bressie!

I made one for him too!
Seems to me the only famous people in Westmeath are fluffy popstars. isn't that right Westmeath fans?

thats all for now folks thanks for reading and joining in 

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2 days to go

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Louth Team Named TALKING Points

Firstly, I like the team, I like the thinking behind it...that thinking behind it will be discussed throughout the day.

Talking Points
1.Mick in the middle

This for me is a very interesting talking point as the selection gives a slight indication of how management has approached this game.

Mick Fanning is an out and out defender for me, he doesn't even play in the middle for his club so for me his role in the middle will be as a stopper. I don't mean plugging a hole or stopping runner's coming through like an NFL player but sacrificing his own game to do a pure and simple man marking job on John Heslin. He's their most influencial player management have
identified that Mick will literally be following their orders all over Cusack Park Saturday night.
Good selection point: best candidate for the job as if Heslin starts in the full forward line like he can sometimes Mick can easily slot in there.
Bad Selection point: The knock on effect on the other out and out midfielders in the squad.

2. NO Burns

In no way am I saying Ryan Burns is saviour of Louth football and we need him in the starting line up for louth to win, a fine young footballer and young man to boot his time WILL come, I don't doubt that for a minute.
Also I'm not going to throw any pressure on his shoulders by raging about his omission from the starting line up but I'd liked to have started him on Saturday night.

Good Selection point:
Having a youngster in the squad is well and good for his development but for me and the best for Louth would have been to start him. Let him get into the game straightaway; get a taste of the pace from the get go.

Bad selection point:
Championship is a squad game nowadays and impact from the bench has swung games in the modern era...look no further than all-Ireland champions Dublin and their use of Kevin McManamon. Derek Maguire starts ahead of Burns and for me Maguire would have been better than of those two coming off the bench. Maguire is a proven impact player, last few minutes we are looking to the bench to close out or win the game OR dare I say it, a silly black card! We can't expect a minor debutant to do it for us, not a fair situation for him and his development.

 3. Gary O'Hare comes in from the wilderness
What I mean by wilderness is, the last game in the league against Meath, O'Hare didn't start nor come on as a sub. 
In between league and championship in called the wilderness in my eyes as you are just training, prepping and playing challenge matches .(we played Antrim, London & Armagh)

Bad selection point:Pop and John O'Brien are our two tighest markers, I'd have had them in the full back line. 

Good Selection point: He must have performed really well in this wilderness time for AOR to bring him back into the starting fifteen. That also shows he's in good form which is positive considering he might have to be picking up the likes of Dessie Dolan, Alan Giles, Ray Connellan, Denis Glennon or Callum McCormack come Saturday night.
Also, with flyers and ultra mobile players like James Dolan and John Egan on the Westmeath half forward line JOBser's tightness would be better suited out there especially if O'Hare is playing well anyway.

4. Eight defensive players named?
Okay, modern football is not all about positions and simply a case of forwards and backs I know that but, there is always a but; when it is blantantly obvious that down on these lads current GAA CV they are known as defenders. So for that reason I can say there are 8, over half the team that is named to start defenders by trade.
The 6 named defenders along with Mick Fanning and Patrick Reilly.

Bad Selection point: We will have to work hard for scores because you could say, the only natural forwards named to start is Shane Lennon and Derek Maguire. Two!!
(Andy, Whitezer,Byrne are not out and out forwards)
Good Selection point: We will go into this game armed with defensive roles and marking tasks meaning we will be well prepped and organised and hopefully hard to break down. Clogging up a tight Cusack Park pitch could be the recipe for success as it could suit our counter attacking style of play.
5. Decie Byrne gets a welcome nod  
It is always touch and go with Decie in this current management regime.Dropped off the panel and didn't play last year, taken off in games he shouldn't have been in the league. So when the team was announced it was a welcome relief to see he's made the starting 15.

In my opinion he is one of the best 15 players in the county but what will he bring to the party on Saturday night?

Good Selection point: Although named at 15, he'll play on the wing. This is a well known secret so much so when typing out the team when it was named I put him at 12 and not 15!
He can kick points from this distance and he'll be mobile enough to help around the middle of the field. Where he will have to track the Impressive runs of James Sharry from deep hence easing PK and Fannings workload.

Bad Selection Point: As I've already mentioned his relationship with AOR means Decie is constantly on trial and in fear of being subbed!
However, after the week he's had I think that will count for very little.

Thanks for reading

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Louth Team to Play Westmeath saturday

hmmmmmm AOR has really thrown a few spanners in the works

1 Neil Gallagher
2 Pop Rath
3 Dessie Finnegan
4 Gary O'Hare
5 John O'Brien
6 Derek Crilly
7 Adrian Reid
8 PK
9 Mick Fanning
10 Patrick Reilly
11 Brian White
12 Declan Byrne
13 Andy McDonnell
14 Shane Lennon
15 Derek Maguire

Will go through it in more detail tomorrow, but WOW

mick in the middle, 
no Burns,
Gary O'Hare comes in from the wilderness
8 defensive players named 
Decie Byrne gets a welcome nod 

4 Head of operations Manager

It's nice to mix up the blog a little and allow your eyes a wee rest and instead give some of you an informative nostalgic video.

Having decided on a change of manager at the start of the season Westmeath county board got rid of Pat Flanagan and chose former Wexford Manager Paul Bealin.
(He has managed Carlow too)

For me he will always be remembered as the big, bustling, Dublin all-Ireland winning midfielder.  
For his poignant playing career moment Skip to 5.25 in the video below...
It is by far one of the best struck missed penalties of all time!
  Westmeath possess a number of fine midfielders in their panel no better than John Heslin, that could be the sole reason why he was brought on board in the first place.

Hopefully he's coaching them how to take peno's too!

you remember it?

From tomorrow the pace really picks up on the blog...I'll be naming my possible team ahead of it's announcement, going through their team too!!!



Monday, 12 May 2014

5Black Moanday

Aidan O'Rourke's opinion on the black card certainly hasn't waivered. As recent as last week, AOR has come out against the black card rule with yet another argument.

Just google 'aidan o'rourke + black card' and you'll see....

Actually, I'll do it for you. click here

See now what I am on about??

As a former member of the defenders union, AOR's really sticking up for them.

My point is....Does this really help us?
Are refs going to be more fearful or spiteful when making a split second decision against us? In the back of their mind and going into the game, they will know the Louth manager opposes the rule will that negativity could hamper their judgement.

I really hope this is not going to come back to haunt us come Saturday night,on the otherhand AOR could have pulled off a masterstroke before the ball has even been thrown in and jedi mind tricked the refs into giving us none! here's hoping!

Anyway that's my monday moan.

Thanks for reading