Friday, 15 March 2013

Welcome to Louth Proud

So you've found your way to !


The twitter account you have just followed is a link to blog.

I am Passion louth fan firstly and started the blog in January 2012 and is just over a year old! 

The blog itself is fun and banter with a healthy off the wall insight to the goings on within Louth GAA.

with plenty of interaction and promotion of the Louth GAA inbetween! 

Why not have a scroll and look through my past years work for yourself! ->


As you have just followed

I also have a facebook page

click the link below and then like my page.

Plenty of prizes and competitions on offer also

and finally

E-mail me on with any queries whatsoever.


The Blog is also a great way to advertise your company locally and to the county as a whole......I offer competitive pricing also.

I have a large and growing readership.

And like AOR I also have great plans going forward. 

if you would like to get your company seen by the whole of Louth contact me here 


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